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React Developer

Job description

🦾 We are looking for someone who feels at home in a rapidly changing software world, someone who loves to help improve products with us, someone who takes responsibility for delivering quality. You're the person who knows all technical (im)possibilities and is fully aware of the new trends in the ever-changing developer landscape and makes sure we can offer our users an even better experience thanks to your efforts.

📱 As a React developer, your primary goal is building new features and maintaining the Influentials platform. Our software has been developed in React (based on Facebook's Flux pattern) as our frontend stack and Symfony in combination with Doctrine and MySQL as our backend stack. For readability and efficiency, we write code in ES6 and leverage Webpack, Sass and Less. We love DRY and use code generation for repetitive tasks. The React frontend communicates with the backend using a RESTful API.

💡 You'll work closely with the product owner of the team and the Tech Lead. We work using Basecamp's Shape Up methodology. Every product cycle ends with a cool-down period, wherein we demonstrate our new features to the organization. Everyone gets the chance to give feedback and together we will develop a new plan to deliver new features to our users.


Influentials is the influencer marketing platform for creators and brands, where they can cooperate seamlessly, with the support of our in-house experts. We have more than 15.000 active users, including over 10.000 verified creators on our marketplace. Our platform has facilitated over 2.000 successful campaigns for amazing brands (including Coolblue, HelloFresh, Coca-Cola, L'Oréal) and creative/management agencies. The platform makes use of social API's of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Google Analytics to give insights into the effectiveness of campaigns.

Read more about our journey and the team behind this amazing platform: Letter to our future developer 💌.


  • You have 3 years minimum of hands-on experience with ReactJS.
  • You have some experience with PHP and Symfony.
  • You know how to use design tools like Sketch, Framer and Figma.
  • You love to deliver user-friendly software.
  • You know that the roadmap is not set in stone, and can handle changes in direction.
  • You know your way around Git and CI/CD.
  • You don't bottle up your frustrations/feelings, but you'll let us know when something is bothering you.

Hard Requirements

  • You have a European passport or a long-term visa for the Netherlands.
  • You have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience, preferably on an international level.
  • You write and speak perfect English.

🎁 Benefits 

We offer a varied and self-reliant position with enough space for personal freedom and interpretation, in an innovative, professional and rapidly growing organization. Other perks are among others:

  • Salary depending on your knowledge and experience (± €5000 for expert senior).
  • Personal development- and compensation plan.
  • One-year contract with possibilities of growing to a permanent contract.
  • Travel reimbursement and 25 paid days of leave.
  • Reimbursement of certification, education and study costs.
  • Sick of working from home? You can work safely from the office!
  • Possibility of working remotely and flexible hours. 
  • Inspiring offices next to Rotterdam Central Station.
  • Awesome team building events/activities and Friday drinks.

👀 Our hiring process

Because our team keeps growing, we find it really important to create an awesome, inspiring work environment. An office to support a culture of people who really want to be a part of the team. We strive to facilitate a work environment where people can grow towards their full potential. Obviously, we want to work with the most talented people, but we're also looking for a mutual fit. These are the next steps in our selection process:

  1. CV/Resume and questionnaire
  2. Conversation over the phone
  3. Interview on location or a video interview
  4. Video tech talk or co-working day
  5. Offer

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